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Seeking Foundations, Community Organizations and Individuals with a Passion for Music

Are you on the Board of Directors of a charitable Foundation?

Do you know of a charitable Foundation who is interested in supporting a non-profit whose focus is music programs for children?

We are searching daily for foundations that are accepting grant proposals from organizations like Guild Opera Company.

Special Support

The following provided partial funding for Guild Opera Co. activities:

Awarded a Five-Year Contract with the LAUSD Arts Community Network

The Los Angeles Unified School District awarded Guild Opera Company a five-year contract to be part of their Arts Community Network (ACN) beginning July 1, 2021. This follows a one-year ACN contract that GOC just completed for the 2021-2022 school year, although no performances were allowed because of the on-going threat of Covid 19. The ACN is a select group of community arts organizations that are carefully chosen through a detailed application process and have been approved by the district to provide arts education to the schools. Guild Opera Company’s student-centered operas are being enthusiastically promoted to LAUSD schools to bring our unique opera experiences to the students to supplement the district arts programming.

Darcy and Richard Kopcho Fund

We are pleased to announce the Darcy and Richard Kopcho Fund to bring the world of opera to elementary schools and especially to schools which are under served. Darcy and Richard have supported these efforts for many years. Guild Opera Co. and the community at large is grateful for their untiring efforts.

Randy Melson Scholarship Fund

Guild Opera Company has an interest in the development of young classical singers, and would like to support their efforts to become professional artists. To that end, we are pleased to announce the RANDY MELSON SCHOLARSHIP FUND in honor of Randy Melson and her many years of service and support to young singers in Southern California. Young adult singers will be encouraged to audition for awards to be applied toward their vocal development. Details will be forthcoming.

Colburn Foundation 
Kneier Family Foundation
Capital Group Co. Charitable Foundation

GOC Contributors 2022/2023

Aenlle, Gertrudis
Alsaybar, Vinnie
Angus, Jessica
Benedict, Frances
Bernardi, Dawn
Booth, Catriona
Bowman, Chuch & Lisa
Carrillo, Breanne
Chaires, Rachel Sena
Chakravarti, Jay

Chauls, Deanna & Robert
Childs, Mark
Choi, Yun & James
Claveria, Geovanys
Cooper, Cindy & Craig
Costa, Mary
Daigle, Claire
Deccia, Carlos & Kristin
Delay, Benjamin
Dhanireddy, Jennifer & Kiran
Edwards, Alex
Edwards, Debra

Fairchild, Charles P.
Fruchter, Michael & Beatrice
Gantt, Juliette

Gentry, Lavon L

Gibberman, Pamela

Goldman, Adrian

Gref, Sally

Gross, Norma

Hall, Peter
Hanlon, Gay
Hansen, Mary & H. Powell
Haslett, Tom & Jacie
Heath, Misol
Hewitt, Marilyn
Horne, Joanne, P.
Hutton, William & Vivian
Kefeli, Sinan
Kernw, Rita
Kim, Jenny
Kolb, Sarah

Kopcho, Darcy & Richard
La Torre, Robert
Libich, Martin
Light, Natalie
Lister, Julie A.
Little, Timothy
Maljian, Julia

Mangir, Tulin

Manson, Jill Young
Martin, Kathleen
Martin, Shelley-Anne
Mayhan, John & Cynthia
McKenzie, Caroline
McQuade, Cindy
Melson, Randy
Miyakawa, Roni
Morrow, Clarke
Norwalt, Loretta
Novin, Carolyn
O’Reilly, Georgina & Tony
Oler, Adam
Paladino, Gia
Park, Ki Young

Raines, Gary and Marina
Reichgelt, Evelyn & Jim
Reoyo, Deborah & Gabriel
Reoyo, Dianna & Gerundio
Reoyo, Galileo & Ana
Reoyo, Gaspar & Sylvia
Reoyo, Glen
Reoyo, Glenda
Reoyo, Gregory & Gita
Reoyo, Mayra

Riffel-Dalinger Miriam & Dr. Hugo
Rim, June
Rosenthal, Henry & Esther
Rupp, Dennis
Schaeffer, Debra
Shiner, Libby
Siebels, Dave
Sindel, Rosario
Siskin, Steven & Rachelle
Sobol, Claudia & Avishai
Stahura, William & Mary
Stephenson, Shely
Tavis, Gary & Carol
Tolentino-Bermudez A.I.
Torre, Carlos
Walker, William
Wolf, Melinda
Worley, Gayle

We gratefully acknowledge the following individual contributors:

Names in bold are ANGELS who sponsored opera performances at various schools.

In far too many schools, arts funding has been eliminated.
Yet numerous studies show that arts education provides
enormous benefit for kids – and their communities.
Your support helps introduce students to opera.

Help Children
Participate in the Arts

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